Elements Candle Goody Box

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4- 4oz Soy candle collection designed to enhance the qualities of the four elements of astrology. Each candle is scented, labeled and designed to support the strengths of each element.

Fire-Red container, formulated to promote an intimate, fun and friendly energy. Fire is spicy, earthy with a slightly "hot" aroma.
Air- Clear container, formulated to promote chatty and emotional energy. Air is fresh clean air filled with greenery and soft florals.
Water- Blue container, Promotes feelings of inspiration and creativity. Water is a clean, airy aroma with subtle rain base notes.
Earth- Green container. Promotes nurturing, caring energy. Earth offers hints of patchouli, amber and musk with gentle green top notes.

Burn Time: 20-30 hours
Candle Properties: 100% soy, FO & EO blended scent, wooden or cotton wick
Container: colored glass, cork top