Sweater Weather

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Sweater Weather is amazing!  With top notes of sparkling citrus, cinnamon powder and Macintosh apple with mid notes of blush rose, clove buds and crushed greens on a base of raspberry jam, scarlet peach and sugared vanilla this is a Do Gooder year-a-round favorite.


  • SCENT BLEND: Sparkling citrus, cinnamon powder, Macintosh apple
  • SCENT PROPERTIES: Infused with Natural Essential Oils
  • WAX TYPE: Soy, 100% Natural, Domestically Produced
  • CONTAINER TYPE: Glass container with cork. 
  • BURN TIME: 10oz: 40-50 Hours; 6oz: 20-30 Hours
  • WICK TYPE: Cotton, Lead-Free, Unbleached